Our Students Earn Honors, Awesomeness

SCC Honor role certificateIn our last module nearly 50% of our students achieved perfect attendance. That “being there” and their abilities are reflected in the 27% that received Honors recognition, each and every one having earned a cumulative grade of 90% or more. Two students received High Honors recognition, having earned an impressive 95% grade.

Congratulations. And I mean that in its real sense –“with feelings of joy”.

I don’t list their names, not because I don’t wish to publicly recognize them, but because it really could be any of our students with these achievements. Besides, each of them has already personally received a certificate from us in recognition of this awesomeness.

We have some of the best students in the studentverse. They are great to teach. They are great to attend classes with. They are supportive of each other, offering a helping hand in learning and with missed work. They work hard. They know this stuff is important and take it seriously. They have fun when they can.

We have some of the best students in the studentverse.

Success, Nothing Less.

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