New and Irritating As Sand To An Oyster

2014-10-21 10.38.58I look forward to putting some interesting stuff into the official State Career College blog. Alright, it might not all be interesting to everyone, but hopefully each post will at least be interesting to some. Some of the posts will be thought provoking, although I prefer to think of them as thought irritating. Irritating in the way an oyster is irritated by a bit of sand that gets in its shell. That irritation results in a lovely pearl. Let’s hope you get a few pearls out of my posts.

Come back often and see what is new. The posts won’t likely be put up on a set schedule, all the better to get you to come back repeatedly, frequently, and irregularly.

We will have some fun, maybe learn a little, and there may be an occasional “ahh”.

Join me often.

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