Go. To. Class.

class graphicThese are the winning 3 words of advice for incoming college freshmen in Eric Zorn’s Chicago Tribune column on August 16, 2005. His suggestion, in a prior column, had been “Perseverance, Curiosity, Perspective”. In response he got several good triplets, but most frequent was “Go To Class”. I most definitely agree, although I have a special fondness for the use of “Curiosity”, having heard a frustrated teacher tell his class that they had the “intellectual curiosity of clams” (not a compliment, by the way).

During orientation and all through my teaching I repeat my line that “If you miss class, you miss stuff”, as my pointed admonition for attendance. It has been proven to me over and over again, that the students who do the best in classes are those that attend the day-to-day classes.

By attending (being there) and attending (paying attention) you the student can get needed information, clarification, and buffing of key concepts. All of which help your learning.

I also agree with one of Mr. Zorn’s commenters who said that with attending class and doing the homework, classroom/education success can be guaranteed. Certainly with our classes, the same is true. Be there and do the work, but most importantly be there.

I know this makes it sound easy, and in many cases it is not easy, but that is really what college success boils down to, being there.

Remember our motto: Success, nothing less. It requires student, teacher, and school contributions. We’ll do our part and ask that you do yours: Go To Class.

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